Dec 7

Bringing Safety Training to Life: Virtual 3D Facility

In the world of oil & gas production, safety is paramount.

Recognizing this, we've gone beyond traditional training methods. Our newly developed safety training modules don’t just walk you through the procedures—it immerses you in a virtual 3D facility that mirrors the real-world environment.

A Virtual Approach to Real-World Safety

We understand that field operators need training that speaks directly to their day-to-day experiences. That's why our 3D safety training modules are:

  • Intuitive: Built from the ground up with field operators in mind, our lessons are clear, engaging, and rooted in actual field processes, principles, and challenges.
  • Relevant: Our training is tailored to resonate with your workforce, emphasizing the reduction of incidents and ensuring regulatory compliance through hands-on, scenario-based learning.
  • Practical: Offering the closest experience to on-site training, our virtual facility allows for interactive learning without the risk of damaging valuable equipment.
How can Wellsite LMS help?

At Wellsite LMS, we aim to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. The result? A workforce that's well-prepared, confident, and safe.

If you think safety training built in a virtual 3D facility might be useful for your team, or have any questions for us, we would love to get in touch!
   LinkedIn: Paul Choi