Nov 17

Next-Level Learning: Using Video Games in Industrial Training

As most supervisors and trainers know, creating effective training for critical, multi-step processes can be very challenging. How can you communicate complex information accurately and precisely without losing the attention of the learner?

At Wellsite, we think video games (yes, video games) can be part of the solution. The video below shows a demo of how we are leveraging games to provide operations and safety training to field employees.

These simulations are particularly beneficial for new employees, or for training on new procedures, as they offer realistic scenarios (such as loading a pig) in a risk-free environment. This approach is not only straightforward but also convenient, with no need for software downloads and full browser compatibility on our platform.

During the simulations, each step is clearly outlined. This ensures that participants not only learn the correct procedures but also understand the importance of safety. Any deviation from the procedure or safety protocol results in restarting the simulation, emphasizing real-life consequences in a controlled and safe setting.

And just like every Wellsite product, our simulations are fully customizable. They can be tailored to fit specific procedures, equipment, and facility layouts, making the training directly relevant to your team's everyday operations.
How can Wellsite LMS help?

If you think video-game based training might be useful for your team, or have any questions for us, we would love to get in touch!
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